Just like women, men have become conscious about their looks. Not only by clothes and footwear but their face, especially beards. Beard growing is trending. The influencing reason can be many. TV advertisements, social media, favorite actors, and the list, it's alright for those having average beard growth. They don't find it challenging to get its perfect style. However, what's the solution for those having trouble growing beard hair or a patchy beard? The answer is facial hair transplant. 

Yes! Men opt for beard hair transplant. It's good because it gives results.

I have posted the five best things on it to help you understand the value of a facial hair transplant. Please read through. 

Have a Natural Appearance 

With a facial hair transplant, men get realistic hair, unlike the hair plugs that give a corrupt appearance. It is hard to recognize that a person underwent a beard hair transplant. The results are very satisfactory with the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)/FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) process. In the beginning, when hair transplants were performed, surgeons removed portions of hair-covered tissue using a scalpel and planted it into the deficient area. These large chunks of hair plugged got their name hair plugs. Seeing men growing beard hair with the medical technique, others took the same initiative, and the number of beard hair transplants has increased by multiple times.

Smooth and Fast Treatment

The surgery of Beard transplantation involves less or zero downtime. That means there is no need to take a break for a day, weeks, or months. The healing process after a beard hair transplant is very little compared to other surgeries. You can return to work immediately after exiting a hair transplant session. There is only a single session for a beard hair transplant. The average time of each session can be between two and twelve hours. Depending on the number of grafts added, there may be more than one meeting with the facial hair transplant surgeon.

Less Time to Heal 

The scabs that develop after the beard hair transplant around the face will fall off in two to four days. Within a month, the transplanted hairs will come out of the face. It is a regular part of the procedure, so sweat is not necessary. 

Faster Beard Growth Rate  

Post the fall of the hair after a facial hair transplant, the new beard will start growing after three to six months. You can have a full beard to style it in as many ways as you like. Keep it long or short. That's up to you.

Less Scarring 

It is possible that after a facial hair transplant, there will be few scars. However, you can hide any visible scarring with your existing beard hair. It would help if you avoided a short beard haircut to make the scar noticeable.


A Beard hair transplant is a significant investment. You will get a thick burly beard as it is the choice most preferred by men. Your hair will be luscious, and you'll enjoy a realistic and stylish walkthrough. The procedure is a permanent solution, and so it is considered the best method to treat your lack of facial hair. There are other techniques and answers (with side effects). It would help if you discussed this with your hair transplant surgeon before you proceed with a facial hair transplant.